Cristea Lab Members, Past & Present

Principal Investigator

Ileana M. Cristea
Henry L. Hillman Professor of Molecular Biology @ Princeton University
Director of Graduate Studies, Molecular Biology Department @ Princeton University
Office Phone
  • Former President of US HUPO (2018-2020)
  • HUPO Proteomic Sciences Discovery Award
  • Mallinckrodt Scholar
  • NIDA Avant-Garde Award

Research Molecular Biologist

Todd Greco
PhD @ U Penn
Princeton, 2009 - present

A biochemist and neuroscientist by training, Todd returned to his home state of New Jersey in 2009 to join the Cristea lab for his postdoctoral work. Currently a Research Molecular Biologist, he works on multidisciplinary projects that harness mass spectrometry and bioinformatics to study the dynamics of protein complexes. When he’s not studying how protein interactions influence the development of Huntington’s disease, he’s mentoring students in the principles of proteomics and biochemistry. In his spare time, Todd enjoys cooking simple yet flavorful meals while pondering the art of mass spectrometry maintenance.

Josiah E. (Jaime) Hutton
PhD @ Vanderbilt University
Princeton, 2019 - present

After surviving the humidity of Florida, the country music of Tennessee, and the brutal winters of Illinois, Jaime moved to New Jersey to further advance his training in analytical proteomics and to learn virology in the Cristea Lab. When not babysitting the mass spectrometers, Jaime enjoys exercising, board games with his friends, and giving attention to the best cat in the Cristea Lab.

Postdoctoral Scientists

Krystal Lum
PhD @ Princeton University
NIH NJACTS Research Fellow
Princeton Writing Fellow

From Queens, New York, Krystal is pursuing her longstanding interests in intrinsic and innate immunity using an interdisciplinary approach. Krystal has an affinity for bunnies and rescuing animals in need, fossil hunting, rockhounding, road cycling, and playing Scrabble.

William Rodriguez
PhD @ UMass Amherst

From Worcester, MA, Will seeks to understand how diverse viruses reshape organelles to forge their replicative niche and seize control of cellular communication. Will's hobbies include card and video games, movies, and anime. He also loves karaoke, fine dining, and traveling to conventions.

Graduate Students

William A. Hofstadter
Undergrad @ Northwestern University
AHA Research Fellow

Coming to Princeton from the Midwest and California, Will studies how viruses manipulate fundamental cellular processes. Outside of the lab, Will also enjoys exploring the outdoors, swimming, and reptiles.

James Kostas
Undergrad @ Northeastern University

James joins us at Princeton from Massachusetts. Here in the Cristea Lab, his interests lie in understanding how viruses manipulate their microenvironment to facilitate their spreading to nearby cells. Outside of the lab, James can be found making pizzas, taking weekend trips, or exercising his competitive spirit by playing games with friends.…

Dawei Liu
Undergrad @ UC Berkeley

After finishing his undergraduate work at UC Berkeley, Dawei came to Princeton to pursue his PhD. He focuses on the interactions between host and viruses, specifically how cells are able to sense invading viruses and mount effective innate immune responses. Dawei is a pro at badminton and an avid video game and board game player too!

Peter Metzger
Undergrad @ Georgetown University

Hailing from Minneapolis and Washington D.C., Peter is most interested in how virus-host interactions drive rearrangements in organelle structure and immune signaling during infection. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, golfing, and baking high-fat confections.

Ji Woo Park
Undergrad @ Boston College
NSF Research Fellow

Originally from Bucheon, South Korea, Ji Woo is interested in studying the role of mitochondrial morphology in innate immune response and metabolic regulation. Outside of the lab, he enjoys golfing, gardening, and trying new coffee beans from local roasteries.

Tavis J. Reed
Undergrad @ Washington University in St. Louis
NSF Research Fellow

Originally from Illinois, Tavis came to Princeton to pursue his PhD. He is interested in developing computational tools for proteomics and is co-advised by Olga Troyanskaya. In his free time, he enjoys being bad at video games and sleeping in late.

Matthew Tyl
Undergrad @ University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
NJCCR Research Fellow

Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Matt is a lover of all posttranslational modifications (PTMs). He is investigating host-virus interactions at the PTM regulatory interface, focusing on sirtuins and novel PTMs. Outside of the lab, he enjoys exercising and playing games with friends.

Jinhang Yang
Undergrad @ Wuhan University

Jinhang grew up in a seaside city in China and completed her undergraduate degree at Wuhan University. She joins the Cristea lab to explore the crosstalk between DNA sensing and RNA sensing pathways in different viral infections, and the immune signaling transduction between subcellular localizations. Outside of the lab, she enjoys watching…


Sophia Chen
Princeton '24

Originally from Seattle, WA, and the Big Island, HI, Sophia is interested in studying HCMV-induced peroxisome remodeling. Outside of the lab, she enjoys trail-running, cold brews, plants, and learning to play the ukulele.

Laura Haubold
Princeton '24

Originally from Durham in the U.K., Laura is interested in using global protein-protein interaction methods to unveil mechanisms of organelle remodeling during viral infection. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and playing the ‘cello.

Dorothy Junginger
Princeton '25

From West Des Moines, Iowa, Dorothy is an undergraduate student interested in how organelle remodeling alters immune signaling during HCMV infection. In her free time, she enjoys playing the viola, kayaking, and traveling.

Victoria Merengwa
Princeton '24

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida (also known as Disney World), Victoria joined the Cristea Lab to study how metabolism interfaces with the immune response during viral infection. In her free time, she loves to dance, cook, and listen to music.

Fatima Sarfraz
Princeton '25

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Fatima is interested in using proteomics-based approaches to study HCMV induced organelle remodeling. In her free time she enjoys experimenting with new coffee recipes and hanging out with her friends.

Lab Alumni

Former Postdocs:

Joshua Justice, PhD - Senior Scientist @ Johnson & Johnson, Philadelphia, USA

John Muroski, PhD - Analytical Scientist @ BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., San Rafael, CA, USA

Joel Federspiel, PhD - Senior Scientist @ Pfizer, Drug Safety Research and Development Group, Boston, USA

Yutaka Hashimoto, PhD - Assistant Professor @ Nagoya City University, Japan

Rommel Mathias, PhD - Assistant Professor @ Monash University, Australia

Yuan-Chin Tsai, PhD - Assistant Professor @ Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Preeti Joshi, PhD - Senior Scientist @ Biogen, USA

Yang Luo, PhD - Research Scientist @ The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center

Former Grad Students:

Cora Betsinger, PhD - Postdoc in Mootha Lab @ Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Bokai Song, PhD - Postdoc in White Lab @ MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

Katelyn Cook, PhD - Postdoc in Nadler and Von Appen Labs @ Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology, Dresden, Germany

Michelle Kennedy, PhD - Industry Scientist in the Greater Denver Area

Timothy Howard, PhD - Associate @ ClearView Healthcare Partners, Newton, MA, USA

Xinlei Sheng, PhD - Postdoc in Zhao Lab @ U Chicago, Chicago, USA

Laura Murray-Nerger, PhD - Postdoc in Gewurz Lab @ Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Pierre M Jean Beltran, PhD  - Postdoc in Carr Lab @ Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA

Elizabeth Rowland, PhD - Associate @ McKinsey & Co., Philadelphia, USA

Marni Crow, PhD - Associate Medical Director @ VMLY&R, New Jersey, USA

Benjamin Diner, PhD - Senior Scientist @ Editas, Boston, USA

Amanda Guise, PhD - Postdoc in Steen Lab @ Harvard University, Boston, USA

Hanna Budayeva, PhD - Senior Scientist @ Gentech, USA

Tuo Li, PhD - Assistant Professor @ UT Southwestern, USA

Yana Miteva, PhD - Senior Scientist @ Pfizer, USA

Danielle Rowles, PhD - Research Scientist @ QPS Delaware, USA

Val Carabetta, PhD - Assistant Professor @ Cooper Medical School, USA

Former Technicians:

Fang Yu - Research Scientist @ Fudan University, China

Former Undergrads:

Corazón Núñez - PhD @ Harvard University (2023)

Cody Mui - Fulbright Scholarship @ Taiwan (2023)

Elene Tsopurashvili - Princeton Project 55 Fellow @ Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, UCSF (2022)

Brett Phelan - PhD @ Yale University (2022)

Julia Edgar - Research Technician @ The Leonard Wagner Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Immunology, Rockefeller University (2021)

Emily Cheng - Business Analyst @ McKinsey & Co., New York, NY (2021)

Pranav Rekapalli - MD @ UPenn (2020)

Caroline Taber - Post-bac. @ Hospital for Special Surgery, Orthopedics Department, NYC (2020)

Samvida Venkatesh - Rhodes Scholar (PhD) @ Oxford University (2019)

Amy Tien - Bain & Company Global Management (2019)

Catherina Pan - MD @ Yale University (2019)

Clayton Otter - MD/PhD @ University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (2018)

Caroline Snowden - MD @ Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis (2017)

Morgan Sly

Chase Palisch

Jennifer Wang

Irene Zhang